Integrating Learning Resources

Online math resources can be used in the classroom to model for students how they might use resources independently.

Sample Website Integration Plan

Topic: Properties of Exponents


  1. Use the properties of exponents
  2. Use scientific notation


  1. Teach the properties of exponents (Note: You may want to use the Usable Algebra learning resources as a teaching tool or visual aid).
  2. Provide some guided practice in class.
  3. Assign homework that requires students to simplify algebraic expressions that include exponents.
  4. Part of the homework assignment should include a website evaluation of the exponent module, using the website evaluation form provided for the exponent module.

Other uses of the website module

You can use the website as a point of discussion for students after they have viewed and evaluated it. Types of questions include:

  1. What does the module teach you about exponents? Name the properties of exponents covered on the website. (Summarize / retell)
  2. Compare the way the website explains how to simplify the product of multiplying expressions to how your book explains it. How do they differ? Which is more effective? (Compare / contrast; encourages Metacognitive reflection)
  3. Find another way to express ‘simplify.’ How is ‘simplify’ different from the term ‘solve?’ (Use the vocabulary feature of the website. The hyperlinked e-text is a translational feature of the Usable Algebra learning resources website.)