Checklist: Assignment Self-Assessment

One way for students to get the most out of math assignments is to consistently review work with an assignment checklist. An assignment checklist can help in identifying success areas and gaps in knowledge. A checklist can clarify the nature of math errors: such as carelessness, process problems, or concept errors. The assignment checklist example is designed for use in reviewing assignments before submission, during the class review, and after class to analyze errors.

Review Assignment

  1. Assignment completion:
    1. Number of problems completed
    2. Incomplete problems
    3. Time for finishing problem set
  2. Assignment format:
    1. Paper lists the chapter, section #, and problem set at the top
    2. Problems are on only one side of the paper
    3. Problems are spaced with room for corrections
    4. Problems requiring questions and help are marked with a Q
  3. My understanding of how to solve the problems in this assignment is
    1. Excellent
    2. Good
    3. Fair
    4. Poor

During Class

  1. I asked questions about the problems I didn’t solve correctly
  2. I copied the correct solution to the problem next to my original  problem

After Class

  1. I looked over my assignment to analyze the errors I made
    1. Copy errors
    2. Careless errors (dropping or transposing numbers & variables; sign errors; mental math errors)
    3. Process errors
    4. Concept errors
  2. What kind of support will I need to do better on my future assignments?
    1. Go to office hours
    2. Use a math website for homework support
    3. Get math help from math support center
    4. Other: