Strategy: Math Master Notebook

What is a Master Notebook?

A Master Notebook is:

  • A filing system for class materials
  • A reference for math concepts and strategies learned in class
  • A strategy to help you understand and retain math concepts and skills
  • A helpful tool for recording assignments and upcoming tests

How will the Master Notebook help me?

  • It requires that you actively manage your course materials, which will help you become more aware of what helps you learn.
  • It allows you to store handouts and notes you can reference at a later time.
  • It provides a place where you can note strategies you find useful for solving problems.

What does a Master Notebook include?

  • A three ring binder
  • Tabbed dividers with a label for each divider
  • Notebook paper
  • Course Syllabus
  • Assignment notebook
  • Highlighters

Master Notebook

How do I use the Master Notebook?

  • Write down assignments and dates of exams or projects
  • Take two-column notes in class
  • Review notes after class and highlight important information
  • Draw visuals or graphics to help you remember concepts and strategies
  • Store handouts for reference
  • Keep a list of helpful strategies
  • Use notes, old assignments,  and tests to study for exams