Transcript: Pop-up Blocks Text

The video shows a computer screen with a web browser window open to a Graphing Equations page on the Spark Notes dot com website. The placement of the cursor on the screen is highlighted with a yellow circle to emphasize where movements occur. The video also shows a picture of a student participant as he uses the website.

As the web page loads in the browser, an advertisement opens up in the page, covering a large portion of the text. He moves the cursor away from the ad and it shrinks to the width of one column, revealing the text on the screen again. As he moves the cursor back to the ad, it covers the text again.

Participant: “Oh, that’s not good.”
Facilitator: “(Laughs.) Where it covered up the…?”
Participant: “Yeah. That’s not good at all.”

He scrolls down the page. When the cursor is no longer over the bottom of the page, it returns to one column’s worth of space.

Participant: “It’s like, what is it saying?” He reads the words still visible to the right side of the advertisement: “in two by a point which.” (He laughs.)

He moves the cursor up to the top of the text on the page, and reads out loud as he drags the cursor over the sentence, “One of the main uses of an x.y. graph is to graph equations.” He continues to drag the cursor over more sentences, quietly reading the words. When he gets to the paragraph next to the expanding advertisement, he accidentally triggers the expansion while moving the cursor over the words. “I don’t think I was even over that that time.” He continues silently reading.

The video clip ends.