Transcript: Provide Feedback to Users

The video shows a computer screen with a web browser window open to an Algebra Basics page on with a matching exercise based on combining like terms. The placement of the cursor on the screen is highlighted with a yellow circle to emphasize where movements occur. The video also shows a picture of a student participant as she uses the website.

The matching exercise shows two columns. On the left are text boxes (all filled in except for one). Next to each box, there is an expression with multiple terms. In the column on the right are a list of expressions with fewer terms. Each expression has a letter, a through h. The participant fills in the last text box and says, “What happens?”

She clicks the ‘Next’ link at the bottom of the page. A “Simplifying: First Glance” page opens and the participant says, “Oh. They did not show you the correct answers.”

She clicks the browser’s ‘Back’ button, scrolls up through the matching exercise and confirms, “No, they don’t. They need a check-the-answers box.”

The video ends.