Transcript: Provide Procedure Steps

The video shows a computer screen with a web browser window open to a Factoring Numbers web page, with a little more than four paragraphs of text showing. The placement of the cursor on the screen is highlighted with a yellow circle to emphasize where movements occur. The video also shows a picture of a student participant as he uses the website. (The video begins mid-way through a math website usability evaluation session.)

Facilitator: “So if you were not doing this usability test, what would you do on this site. If you got to this site while doing…”

Participant: “I’d probably go someplace else. Cuz I’m having to read four or five paragraphs before I can get to do anything, but it’s telling me exactly what it is. But it’s taking a long time to get to it.”

Facilitator: “Do you have a sense of if the site will show you less in paragraphs elsewhere?”

The participant scrolls down to a part of the page that includes an animated factoring problem being solved through upside down division.

Participant: “I guess, with these little Flash animations.” He watches the animation a few times, and says, “I don’t even know how they’re getting these numbers.” He scrolls back up the page.

The video ends.